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BUD NAKED products source the Finest HEMP produced in the US.
All of our products are registered with the Louisiana Department of Health for your safety.  

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Bud Naked Products for Sale

You might be wondering and considering how to get started if you use CBD and want to make it available to more people by opening a store, or if you're simply ready to join one of the fastest growing industries.

A growing number of producers and retailers are entering this new market as the CBD industry expands rapidly around the world. Along with the rise in popularity of cannabis, there is a rising demand for CBD wholesale and products containing CBD. 

Unquestionably, finding a dependable CBD suppliers that offer high quality CBD is one of the most important steps in starting a CBD business.

Find Bud Naked Products Wholesale in Louisiana

Bud Naked was started by a Hemp enthusiast. "The problem is that there is an abundance of low-quality, dried-out junk on the market."

The brand is aware that consumers need this product because it works well. In order to achieve this goal, Bud Naked set out to excel as a local, ethical, and premium hemp business.

Bud Naked

One of the best Hemp brands in Louisiana!

In order to get the best hemp flower from the most experienced and knowledgeable growers in the industry, the brand collaborates with family-run farms that hold USDA licenses.

Every Bud Naked product undergoes hand trimming and meticulous packaging, ensuring the highest level of quality control.

The company's hemp flower is kept in a climate and humidity-controlled environment from harvest to packaging. A tamper seal and humidity controller help keep our hemp fresher for longer.

The company's growers inspect each fresh delivery of hemp flowers that they receive. The Delta-9 THC content of the flower must be less than the 0.3% legal limit in order for it to be certified. Freshly received hemp is sampled from various batches, and the samples are then sent to a different lab for another potency test.

The potency test confirms the cannabinoid content in addition to double-checking the Delta-9 THC level. Then, Bud Naked goes a step further by having the lab conduct a test for any potentially harmful substances, such as toxic chemicals, heavy metals, solvents, or other substances, that might be present in low-quality hemp flower.

Bud Naked Health Products

The company's unflavored mixer is ideal for your preferred recipe or beverage. With a hint of fresh fruit flavor, this brand offers the fast-acting, all-natural feel-good effects of cannabis. No matter how you use it in water bottles, mocktails, or your evening tea. CBD provides relief, enjoyment, or both in a delectable and covert manner.

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Registering with our platform will give you instant access to wholesale pricing, our quality products as well as our top-notch customer service. We pledge to treat each and every one of our esteemed clients with authentic, first-rate service.