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Palo Santo and Myrrh - Cleansing & Purification - 6 Incense Cones

Palo Santo and Myrrh - Cleansing & Purification - 6 Incense Cones

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Shamans of South America have been burning Palo Santo for centuries to heal, purify, dispel negative energy and prepare for meditation. These traditional healers believe this wood is sacred and possesses a mystical energy that cleanses on the spiritual level. This aromatic wood carries a unique fragrance that resembles that of resin, when burned.

The herbal blends in our Palo Santo incense line are held together 100% natural adhesive components, for clean and toxin free burn.

The Palo Santo is sustainably harvested, hand blended with herbs, shaped and air dried, following traditional methods and recipes, by artisans in rural Colombia.


Aroma: Woody and herbal.

Intention: Cleansing and purification.


Ingredients: Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens), Myrrh Resin, Bamboo, Coconut, Cypress Wood, Fruit Juice, Cornstarch.

How to use: Light the tip, gently blow out the flame so that only an ember remains and a steady stream of smoke is released. Place the cone’s base on a fireproof dish. Us with caution and never leave unattended. Keep out of reach of children and away from flammable articles.


SKU: 220-14
UPC: 8-09581-22014-8
Contains: 6 cones
LXWXH: 3”X1”X4”
Weight: 0.176 lb
Made in Colombia
Return Policy: This product is fully refundable.
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