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Prabhuji's Gifts Gives Back

Putting aside the excellent quality and the unbeatable authenticity of the products, Prabhuji’s Gifts is one of our most prolific brands.  We have always found their products ethically sourced and delightfully crafted but they also provide a culturally organic standard that is unparalleled.  

To drive this point home, we wanted to take this opportunity to share Prabhuji's Gifts commitment to giving back and sharing with the community.  

A Holistic Approach to Health & Wellness

They are not just a brand that preaches wellness and discusses the generosity and kindness of heart and spirit that presents a holistic approach to the human experience.  

They also show us through example the more generous and giving nature of humanity that considers the path that our fellow humans are walking and how we might help them bear the burdens that become too heavy.

This exocentric view of the human perspective helps us develop a richer and more fulfilling connection to the world we live in and those we share it with.  By continuing to keep our goals and values pure we can attain a purpose driven existence filled with love, light and peace.  

Prabhuji Food Distribution


Since 2014, Prabhuji’s Gifts has been supporting Food Distribution Programs for those experiencing food insecurity in their community.  They provide food free of charge and with no discrimination or prerequisite requirements to anyone who arrives in need.  

They base this service on the monastic teachings of the Ramakrishnananda Ashram with two main objectives:

  1. To offer service to the Divine who is present within every living being:  The Prabhuji Food Distribution program is an expression of the recognition of every soul as an expression of the Divine. Offering food and supporting people is an opportunity to offer service to the Divine thereby fulfilling our divine purpose.
  2. To help distribute the resources of mother earth more evenly:  In Hinduism the earth is counted as one of  the 7 mothers of the universe, whom one should deeply respect.

Currently they are serving over seventy households weekly in their community and continue to grow their contributions with the help of the profits they receive from product sales.  And we consider it an honor and privilege to help them continue this tradition and bring comfort and support however possible.

Find out more about the Food Distribution Program and how you can help by clicking the image above.


Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program


Another noteworthy cause that Prabhuji’s Gifts has taken up is their seasonal Prabhuji’s Toy Distribution Program.  Since childhood, Prabhuji, the leader, noticed that there were always those children who felt the pangs of not only hunger but the deprivation of a joyless Christmas because of poverty.  

When others are filled with happiness and cheer and sharing gifts with one another this is a time that is most difficult for those in need.  No child should have to wake up feeling left out of the uplifting joy of sharing gifts with loved ones that so many get to enjoy.  

As an adult, Prabhuji decided to make it his mission to bring joy to as many children as he could.  Each year, the day before Christmas Eve, the Prabhuji Ashram is loaded with children whose parents are unable to afford to buy them presents.  

He continues to fill their hands with toys and their hearts with joy.  We salute him for bringing these children the gifts of the season both in heart and mind.  Click the image above to find out more about Prabhuji's Toy Distribution Program and how you can help contribute.


Prabhuji’s Publications & YouTube Channel


Prabhuji has developed a vast literary contribution in multilingual offerings that discusses Tantra, Yoga, Spirituality and other Scriptural offerings.  There also continues to be work done to develop more information on related topics in Spanish, English, even Hebrew. 

These can be explored on our site along with the accompanying spiritual counterpart worship tools that you might need for clarity, purpose, meditation and cleansing. 

Please browse our collection at will and once you find your spiritual guidance don’t hesitate to then begin your search through our Spiritual collection to enhance your studies and experience. 

You can find more information about Prabhuji’s YouTube Channel by clicking the highlighted link above.

A Place of Worship


On his journey, Prabhuji created the temple at the heart of the Ramakrishnananda Ashram under the guidance and inspiration of his beloved spiritual masters.  It serves the religious and spiritual needs of the local congregation but is also a place of solace, peace and serenity that can be visited by the general public for prayer, meditation and worship.  

The main deities of the temple are Shri Shri Radha Shyamasundara and they are accompanied by Ashta-sakhis, Vrinda Devi, Lord Nrisimhadev, Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subadhra and Kalya Krishna.

The central temple building is surrounded by smaller temple huts dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Nataraj, Maha Kali, Durga Devi and Lord Hanuman.

This unique temple complex, enveloped by the marvelous and peaceful Ramakrishnananda Forest, provides an ideal atmosphere for meditation, devotion and contemplation.

Although a temple for Hinduism; this tranquil place is all inclusive and beckons a welcome to all observant seeking peace for meditation, pilgrimage or enlightenment.  The invitation is open to all. 

Click on the image above to visit the Radhe Shyamasundara Mandir temple in person or find out more about its details.

A Brand With A Purpose

We hope that in sharing the efforts of Prabhuji’s Gifts programs we have given some insight into how selective our decision to work with a brand can be.  We not only take deliberate care in verifying the quality and value provided to our customers by the products offered by a brand but also in the entire culture, value system and long term goals of the brand.  

We believe that using these traits as a metric to validate them gives us a clear and reliable measure of what is truly important in their mission.  And when people invest time and energy into projects that give back to the community it is generally safe to conclude that along with pure motives comes pure philosophies, principles and standards. 

We aim to align ourselves with only the most noble pursuits and ethically sourced products.  So join us this holiday season in contributing to a noble cause by shopping one of the many Prabhuji’s Gifts Spiritual, Self Care, Relaxation, Enlightenment & Wellness Collections.  

It is not only a practice in shopping your values but also promoting the health, emotional & spiritual wellness of many in need this holiday season.

Learn More About Mission of Love

You can read more about Prabhuji’s Gifts Mission of Love here.  In addition, to support their cause you can add any Prabhuji’s Gifts products to your cart because 100% of their profits have been pledged to the above mentioned programs.

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