Elixart and Supramood

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About Supramood

Supramood is Elixart's new product line that has evolved from our 12 years of experience and the art of formulations with rare & exotic herbs. Supramood's mission is to unlock our highest potential through the transformational power of plants. This product line was developed to help people escape the mundane and help us be fully connected to our higher selves, each other and the natural world.
About Goldenglow

Goldenglow is an herbal elixir brewed from Kava, Passion Fruit, Coconut, Turmeric, Ginger and other powerful plants which naturally stimulate focus and presence.As a healthy alternative to alcohol, it may enhance human connection and give you a feeling of euphoria. The perfect elixir for a productive day or a lively night out.

Nevada City, CA

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