Seattle Gummy Company

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Not satisfied with the way we administer medications, Dr. Connie Wan sought to find something better. After seeing gummy vitamins during a visit to her local Costco, it clicked: “Gummy has been a candy formulation for centuries, this is a great formulation for drugs.'”

SGC scientists developed a suite of technologies that enable the incorporation of drug compounds into a novel gummy matrix. In October 2020, SGC received the first investigational new drug application approval.

They quickly realized the technology for pharmaceutical gummies could be adapted for non-medical performance needs and launched their functional gummy business with three performance categories: Energy, Sports, and Wellness.

Whether you need a quick energy boost (Mocca Shots), maximize your training (Energon Qube), or improve your immunity and complexion (Wellness), their gummy formulations contain the highest concentrations of active compounds available.

Seattle, WA