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Global Healing



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120 ct.

Paratrex is a unique formula designed to help create an environment that’s hostile to invading organisms while promoting a natural cleansing of your body. It’s made with a blend of herbs and other all-natural ingredients, and it’s enhanced with fulvic acid to promote absorption. If unwanted, internal guests are affecting your health, Paratrex can help bring it all back in balance.

Cleanses Your Body of Harmful Organisms

Supports Normal Digestive Health

Boosts the Immune System

Year to Love It — One Year Money-Back Guarantee

What's in Paratrex

  • Organic Black Walnut (green hull)
  • Wildcrafted Epazote (leaf)
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Organic Neem (leaf)
  • Wildcrafted Wormwood (leaf/stem)
  • Organic Clove (bud)
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Vegetable Capsule (cellulose)
  • Organic Gum Acacia
  • Organic Rice Hulls

What's not in Paratrex

  • Alcohol
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • GMOs
  • Soy
  • Toxic Additives

What Is Paratrex?

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