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Statue - Crystal Ganesh Tiny

Statue - Crystal Ganesh Tiny

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As with all handcrafted items, there will always be slight variation of size and appearance from one piece to another.


Ganesha is the Hindu god of beginnings, and the remover of obstacles. He was created by goddess Parvati to protect her while her husband, lord Shiva, was away. When Shiva returned, Ganesh didn’t let him into the palace. Shiva then decapitated him, and restored his head later with one of an elephant. Ganesha’s protruding belly represents the assimilation of spiritual wisdom.


This clear glass figurine includes a small velveteen draw-string bag for keeping it protected while carrying along in your purse, shoulder bag, pocket, etc. as an amulet. Packaged in a clear pillow box with small description card, it’s a thoughtful gift for someone dear.


UPC: 8-09581-50112-4
Material: Glass
Figurine size: 0.75" x 0.5" x 1" (Approx.)
Figurine Weight: (0.247 oz (7 g)
Product size: 5”x3”x1”
Weight with packaging: 0.74 oz (21g)
Country of Origin: India

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