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FULVIC ACTIVE 400X - 4oz Dropper

FULVIC ACTIVE 400X - 4oz Dropper

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Fulvic 400X

Super-concentrated fulvic acid & ionic trace minerals for cellular health, detox, and performance using Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™

Optimal well-being, energy, detoxification, metabolic and biological performance starts with healthy cells. Cellular health trickles up to tissues, organs, and to every system of your body.

Fulvic 400X supports every cell in the body, allowing every system to work better. Our Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™ system delivers the nutrition that your cells need, while naturally and efficiently detoxing what they don’t.

  • Supports cellular nutrient absorption, kickstarting vital metabolic processes
  • Provides up to 72 macro, micro, and trace minerals to be utilized as cells need them.
  • Supports natural cellular detoxification & safely removes heavy metals from cells and tissue.
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support, reducing advanced cellular aging and damage.
  • Excellent electrolyte support for keto and intermittent fasting.
  • Sourced & made in the USA in small batches from rich humates, not coal or shale.

deal Health Depends on Optimal Cellular Function

Health at the cellular level is crucial to your overall well-being. Cells carry out a wide range of functions in the body, including metabolic processes like:

  • Converting food into energy to run cellular function.
  • Creating fuel to power building blocks for proteins and more.
  • Eliminating waste.

Unfortunately, a lack of nutrients - along with excess toxins and stress - can harm the way that cells function.

You see, all cells have a barrier that surrounds them, called a membrane. The membrane is like a door with swinging hinges. Things can get in and things can get out.

This is good, since cells need nutrients and minerals to get in, so they can function to their fullest potential.

Healthy cells also produce waste that needs to be pushed out – just like exhaust is pushed out of the tailpipe of a car.

An electrical charge is what keeps this in-out-door swinging back and forth.

And it’s Fulvic that helps to keep that electrical charge in place.

Endocytosis and exocytosis through the cell membrane

But when your body lacks fulvic, cells lose their electrical charge, and that door can’t swing to get nutrients in and get waste out.

If too many cells have this problem, it can affect entire organs and even the whole body.


Cellular Health Depends on Nutrients & Minerals

America’s Nutrient Collapse


Information is based on a comparison of USDA nutrient analysis from 1963 to 2000

Sadly, today’s average American diet severely lacks the nutrients needed for optimal health.

That’s a serious problem, because these vitamins and minerals are critical to cellular function. They’re responsible for energy production, growth, healing, and proper utilization of nutrients in our body.

Studies from the University of Texas1 show that fruits and vegetables today have very little nutrition compared to those grown in past decades.

In fact, it’s estimated that you’d have to eat 26 apples today to get the same nutritional value of 1 apple grown in soil from 1950.

Each generation of over-sized, fast-growing, pest-resistant fruits and vegetables are becoming less and less “good for you.”

Even organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and meat have the same problem.

Here’s why…

Aggressive Farming Practices Strip Away Nutrients & Minerals from the Soil

You see, fruits and vegetables get their nutrients and minerals from the soil they’re grown in.

And just like the human body, soil has its own microbiome.

The soil microbiome breaks down composted plant materials, releasing humic & fulvic, which are absorbed along with all the minerals fulvic naturally carries into the fruits and vegetables we eat.2

Fruits and veggies need fulvic to transport minerals into the plant cells, where they’re stored and converted into vitamins.

So lower fulvic in the soil means the crops we rely on have become severely deficient in the minerals and vitamins we need.

But the problem isn’t just with fruits and veggies…


Even the beef, chicken, and other meats in our diet get their nutrients from the food those animals eat... and the food they eat is also grown in mineral-depleted soil.


To grow more food and cut costs, our agriculture industry has turned to aggressive farming practices.

And these practices  – in addition to herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides – kill the microbiome of the soil. (This even includes the “approved” pesticides used in organic foods.)

When the microbiome of the soil is killed, it can’t produce important nutrients like fulvic . And without fulvic, minerals in the soil don’t make it into the food we eat.

Our crops become mineral deficient. And while farmers add fertilizers to make plants grow, no fertilizer contains all the minerals that plants need to produce nutrient-rich crops.

This is what’s missing from the soil due to aggressive farming practices.

The fulvic and minerals aren’t being returned to the soil through natural composting, leaving the American diet deficient in the wide variety of minerals needed for optimal health.

Sadly, It’s Impossible to Try and Supplement Our Bodies with All These Minerals

The mineral wheel shows how minerals interact inside the body, and how they work with or against each other. And this complex chart actually simplifies the complexity of these interactions.

Because of the amount of minerals needed – and more importantly because of all the complex interactions they have with one another – it’s impossible to properly supplement our bodies with all these minerals.

Supplementing with individual minerals can even cause harm. The complex balance means that supplementing one or two minerals cane reduce the effectiveness or overstimulate other minerals. Over time, this can cause serious health issues.

Fortunately, fulvic takes the guesswork out of mineral supplementation.

It provides the minerals your body needs in the correct biological form and balance and helps to safely remove excess minerals.

Ag SilverAl AluminumAs ArsenicBe BerylliumCa CalciumCd CadmiumCu CopperCl ChlorineCo CobaltCr ChromiumF FluorineFe IronI IodineK PotassiumLi LithiumMg MagnesiumMn ManganeseMo MolybdnmN NitrogenNa SodiumP PhosphorusS SulfurSe SeleniumZn Zinc

Fulvic is just another example of the Power of Nature.

And speaking of power…

Cells Need “Battery Power” to Work Efficiently


Every cell in your body uses electrical energy to take in the nutrients required for the many biochemical processes that support your health.

But, just like a battery, the electrical energy in your cells can get low.

High stress and free radicals can lead to undernourished (or low-powered) cells. This results in reduced energy production – symptoms we recognize as fatigue.

In fact, one function of minerals is to recharge our cells’ “batteries”.

Without a proper energy charge, nutrients can’t get into our cells to support optimal health.

And if minerals can’t get into our cells, it’s like they never existed in the body at all.

Fortunately, highly energized fulvic molecules can supply electrons to depleted cells to recharge your cellular batteries.

This gives your cells all the energy they need to take in essential nutrients and flush out toxins and waste so it can be safely removed from the body.

Fulvic 400X ionic trace minerals also supply the body with essential elements and trace minerals required by cells for optimal function.

It takes the guesswork out of which minerals your body needs from one day to the next.

And fulvic-supplied electrons neutralize damaging free radicals, protecting your healthy cells and tissues.

The end result is simply improved health.


You’ll Feel the Difference with Fulvic 400X


Mother Earth Labs’ Fulvic 400X packs a powerful 10% concentration – more that double that of other brands.

It also includes 72 macro, micro, and trace minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients in amounts uniquely balanced for optimal health, recovery & performance.

Fulvic 400x is highly bioavailable and ideal for cellular support to aid in energizing cell membrane function – which provides minerals, electrolytes, and other nutrients directly to cells.

And it moves all the way through the cell and mitochondrial membrane. This means it improves cellular energy production, performance, and detoxification… including intracellular and heavy metals.

As you may recall, that two-way door with swinging hinges allows what the cell needs to get in and the waste to get out.

Keeping that door swinging is the key to optimal cellular health. So try Mother Earth Labs' Fulvic 400X risk-free today, and feel the difference.

It simply makes everything in the body work better and allows you to get the most out of every dietary supplement you’re already taking.

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