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Harmful Organism Cleanse

Harmful Organism Cleanse

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Advanced Detox

A healthy dose of germs can boost our immune systems, but excessive exposure to harmful organisms can significantly impact our overall health. They can hinder nutrient absorption, weaken vital organs, introduce waste into our bodies, and impair the immune system. To combat this, our comprehensive 40-day Harmful Organism Cleanse Program provides the tools needed to cleanse your body effectively. By combining Paratrex, Latero-Flora, Oregano Oil, and Candida Balance, this powerful combination detoxifies harmful organisms, supports gut health, and strengthens the immune system, preventing future unwelcome invaders from taking hold.

 Take 3 capsules of Paratrex and 1 capsule of Latero-Flora every morning 20 minutes before your morning meal. Take 3 more capsules of Paratrex and 3 capsules of Candida Balance 20 minutes before your afternoon meal, and 3 capsules of Oregano Oil with your afternoon meal.

Detox Unwanted Organisms

On a regular basis, we encounter harmful organisms through various means, such as undercooked food, soil, or even swimming. However, our program is specifically designed to eliminate these invaders, aiming to enhance your overall health. By targeting and cleansing your body from these harmful organisms, we strive to promote a healthier and more robust state of well-being. Let us help you reclaim your health by removing these unwanted intruders.

Supports Gut Health

When harmful organisms reside in the digestive tract, they cause indigestion and occasional constipation. This program populates your intestines with beneficial probiotics.

Strengthens Immune System

Harmful organisms excrete waste and weaken your body’s natural defenses. Getting rid of them eases the burden on your immune system so it can focus solely on keeping you healthy.

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