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Hempmetics 1500mg Hand & Body Lotion (Fragrance Free)

Hempmetics 1500mg Hand & Body Lotion (Fragrance Free)

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Introducing Hempmetics Fragrance-Free CBD Hand and Body Lotion, your go-to solution for luxurious skincare infused with the power of premium CBD isolate. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality and purity, our formula combines the enriching properties of high-grade CBD with nourishing botanicals to deliver unparalleled hydration and relief.

Each 3.38oz air pump bottle contains a potent 1500mg of pure CBD isolate, sourced from organically grown hemp plants. CBD isolate, known for its remarkable soothing and moisturizing benefits, provides targeted care for dry, irritated skin without any trace of THC or other cannabinoids.

Our fragrance-free formula is perfect for individuals with sensitivities or those who prefer unscented products. Free from artificial fragrances, dyes, and harsh chemicals, this lotion offers gentle care for even the most delicate skin types, making it suitable for daily use.

The convenient air pump bottle ensures effortless application, allowing you to dispense the perfect amount of lotion with ease. Whether you’re targeting dry hands, rough elbows, or parched skin all over, Hempmetics CBD Hand and Body Lotion provides the hydration and relief your skin craves.

Experience the difference of Hempmetics Fragrance-Free CBD Hand and Body Lotion – a testament to purity, potency, and unparalleled skincare luxury. Transform your daily routine into a spa-like indulgence and embrace the radiance of healthy, nourished skin.

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