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My Body Symphony



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Protecting your immune system when you are most vulnerable.

Since the Best Defense is a Strong Offense, let's aggressively support your immune system!

Developed by ‘The Nutrition Ninja Doc,’ Physician & Nutrition Expert Dr. Max MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD. and used successfully with thousands of patients for over 20 years (evolving along the way).

All in travel-size bottles (100ml or less). We also have some beautiful travel pouches to keep them all in. All that a person needs to add is one of our quality protein products. They are available in single-serving pouches or new 1Kg pouches rather than containers (for easier transport).

Superior Nutrition!

Your Immune System HEAVILY Relies on the vital nutrients you should be getting EVERY day to provide its multifaceted support.

  • Vitamin C (Lipo-C): Most people are aware of the long history of high-dose vitamin C to help with colds and flu BUT most don’t realize that vitamin C is also considered to be ‘the stress response hormone.’ All animals that are able to make their own vitamin C make several times the usual amount when under stress. Microbes & toxins assault & stress our immune systems. Air travel, due to poor air quality and circulation is especially stressful.
  • BIG Restore: BIG stands for Brain, Immune, & Gut. It is a breakthrough product that contains two of the most amazing substances on the planet, Shilajit & Carbon 60. It has MANY benefits including repair of the ‘tight junctions’ throughout the body. Most importantly for immune health are the repair of the tight junctions in the gut lining (correcting leaky gut), the sinuses & lungs, the blood vessels, and the lining of the blood-brain barrier. This dramatically reduces the microbial and toxins that are able to gain entry into the body thereby boosting immune system function.
  • Zinc: Vital for over 300 different enzymes, zinc is known to play a vital role in immune system functioning. Deficiency is very common.
  • Iodine: Vital for the regulation of metabolism, including protein synthesis, in every cell of the body including those of the immune system. Deficiency is widespread.
  • Vitamin (hormone) D3 & K2: Both have key roles in numerous essential processes including calcium regulation and immune system functioning. Most are deficient.
  • Superior Hygiene: Your Immune System automatically responds to a wide array of pathogens & toxins. The more things it is exposed to, the more it will be ‘tied up’ dealing with those things. The biggest strides in health & longevity throughout history have been the result of improved hygiene. In addition to regular, proper handwashing, the following are also extremely important: cleansing of the face, eyes, SINUSES, upper airways, GI tract, teeth, mouth, gums, urinary tract, etc. We have an extensive Microbiome of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses on and in us. Most are beneficial, some are harmful. Proper hygiene helps to limit the harmful ones while simultaneously supporting the beneficial ones. Reducing the microbial and toxin load along with proper nutrition, are the only things that can help to boost serum Albumin levels. Albumin is the most plentiful blood protein that the body uses for ALL kinds of things including healing & repair. Increased microbial load causes a significant reduction in blood albumin levels. Sinus cleansing with
  • RHMEDY: One of the best ways to upgrade your hygiene practices is to address the sinuses. RHMEDY is a time-tested solution that can be used in numerous ways, including a nasal wash.

Sanitizing your frequently touched possessions: Hand washing is important but what about all of the things you touch? Your PHONE, steering wheel, computer keyboard, eyeglasses, and other items that can’t be doused with ‘sanitizer.’ The best and easiest solution I’ve come up with is a UV Light Wand. Spritzing those things with some RHMEDY will also do the job.

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