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Round Burner + 3 Meditation Incense Sticks Packs & Holiday Greeting

Round Burner + 3 Meditation Incense Sticks Packs & Holiday Greeting

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This Stick Incense and Burner Gift Package combines exotic fragrance, aromatherapy and home decor. The package includes 3 fragrant stick incense blends that are designed according to ancient recipes with each fragrance carrying aromatic subtleties that can deepen meditation with centuries-old aromatherapy recipes. The dark brown incense stick burner is hand-carved in India from sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood. This hand-carved wood round burner is elegantly wrapped with the incense packages with a graceful holiday greeting: "Happy Holidays. May this holiday season be abundant with love, inspiration, and joy."


Gati fragrance: Sandalwood, amber, musk.
Shubha fragrance: Jasmine, lavender, rose lily.
Shrisha fragrance: Gardenia.

Intention: Meditation.

Key features:

• Handmade by artisans in India’s cottage industry with renewable, natural products.
• Fragrant aromatherapy.
• Prabhuji’s Gifts is a Green America Gold Certified business.
• Intention incense.
• Stick incense packages, greeting made from 100% recycled cardboard.
• Uses recycled and reused packaging products for shipping materials. 


This gift package combines 3 packages of Meditation Stick Incense, designed to deepen your introspection and seek the peace that rests deep inside of you, and a decorative hand crafted wood incense burner. This ideal combination is packaged together with an artistic box and a message expressing care and thoughtfulness.

Name explanation: There are many different types of meditation that have been practiced for thousands of years in different parts of the world. In general, meditation is a state in which one’s thoughts cease, and bliss and a heightened level of spiritual awareness is attained. Each blend has been given one of the many names of Radha.

Why customers love it: It is the ideal gift for someone who enjoys fragrance, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and a tranquil environment. It is a nice way to express deep feelings of care with an uplifting gift.

Collection: Incense Gifts Sets

Collection Description: Our Incense Gifts Sets combine different Incense Stick packages from our four lines with uplifting messages that range from those designed for specific holidays to those that can be given every day of the year. They are elegantly wrapped together with various greetings designed for different holidays and occasions. During the holiday season, $1 from each Gift Package is donated to a Toy Distribution Program.

Packaging: Incense Sticks are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard with artistic and colorful designs. Incense is kept fresh in a plastic bag and can be seen through an oval opening. The incense is wrapped with and incense burner with an artistically designed box made from 100% recycled paper.

Manufacturing process: Incense Sticks are made from natural ingredients: unique varieties of herbs, flowers, resins, pure oils and pure sandalwood. These are blended together and hand-rolled, according to ancient wisdom, in a sustainable manner by artisans in India’s cottage country, providing employment to rural villagers. Burner is hand-carved mango wood.


  • Gold-level Green America Certified Business
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business: rating A+

Sustainability: Incense ingredients are harvested, blended and rolled by hand in the traditional Indian method, producing minimal waste and employing artisans in India’s rural cottage industry. This product’s packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, and shipping materials are made from recycled and reused packaging products.

Charitable Cause: Prabhuji’s Gifts supports Prabhuji Mission, a New York-based, nonprofit religious organization that is home to a spiritual community. The mission’s volunteers perform devotional service to others, a yogic spiritual practice, and the mission runs humanitarian projects including: Prabhuji Food Rescue Program, in which the organization feeds people in need in the USA, Dominican Republic, Colombia and India. By purchasing Prabhuji’s Gifts products, you help support these causes.


Incense: Herbs, flowers and resins blended together with pure oils, combined in accordance to ancient wisdom. Burner: Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood.

Sleeve with greeting: Happy Holidays. May this holiday season be abundant with love, inspiration, and joy

How to use: Hold the wooden end of the incense and point the coated tip down slightly. Light the coated tip until it catches the flame and then gently blow it out so that only smoke is produced. Place the wooden end in incense holder’s hole so that the stick is vertical to the burner. Make sure the burner is in a safe location, and away from flammable articles, children and pets. Store unused incense sticks in the burner’s storage for your convenience.


SKU: 903-50
UPC: 8-09581-90350-8
Contains: Incense burner, 3 Incense packs: Gati, Shubha, and Shrisha
LXWXH: 10”X4”X”0.75
Weight: 0.35 lb
Made in USA
Return Policy: This product is fully refundable.

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