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Mito Boost

Mito Boost

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Mito Boost (MB) contains USP grade Methylene Blue as a 1% solution. MB has documented benefits associated with increasing oxygen delivery and restoring proper energy production to the mitochondria at the Electron Transport Chain level. Doing so can enhance the function of a wide variety of cells while enhancing health.

Methylene Blue & Metabolic/Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

  1. Methylene Blue Increases oxygen binding to hemoglobin, oxygen transport, oxygen consumption, and ATP production (energy)
  2. Increases glucose consumption (because it is burning more fuel since the cells & mitochondria are being better oxygenated)
  3. Increases NAD*/NADH ratio (because it is enhancing the functional efficiency of the mitochondria)
  4. Decreases lactic acid production (because it is enhancing oxygen use by the mitochondria which means increased percentage of aerobic cellular & mitochondrial function and decreased need to shift into anaerobic metabolism that makes lactic acid as a waste product
  5. Is a potent antioxidant (it reduces oxidative damage)
  6. Inhibits MAO (monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters, thereby increasing levels of various neurotransmitters)
  7. Acts as an alternative electron carrier in the electron transport chain (it is able to step in and replace the cytochrome enzymes thereby helping to repair or patch holes in the electron transport chain which translates into increased energy production)
  8. Inhibits prolactin & estrogen
  9. Increases testosterone production
  10. Increases thyroid hormone and lowers TSH (by increasing the energy production in thyroid cells thereby increasing the natural production of thyroid hormone, this lowers the need for TSH to stimulate the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormone).

Top 11 Benefits of Methylene Blue:

  1. Antidote for chemical poisoning. 
  2. Best Anti-Malarial drug ever. 
  3. It's a Anti-Virus Warrior. 
  4. Very beneficial in Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. 
  5. Cognitive Enhancement/Brain booster. 
  6. Significant Anti-Depressant effects. 
  7. Believed to offer significant Hope for Autism. 
  8. A great Pain Reliever. 
  9. Promotes a healthier heart. 
  10. Potential Cancer preventive & treatment (since mitochondrial damage is the single primary cause of cancer).
  11. Broad spectrum anti-parasite, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal (candida), and anti-viral. By combining it with red light therapy activation, an even stronger anti-microbial effect is achieved (called photodynamic therapy).

Bioavailability after oral administration is 72%, peak concentrations 2 hours with a working half-life of 5-10 hours. Used IV in ERs for a variety of conditions including methemoglobinemia, cyanide, carbon monoxide, sodium nitrite/nitrate, Acetaminophen, formaldehyde, numerous pharmaceutical drugs, amyl nitrate (poppers), lidocaine, benzocaine and other anesthetics, heavy metals like aluminum, copper, cadmium, etc., fluoride, chlorine dioxide-based cleaning products, and certain viruses. Methylene Blue is the parent compound that hydroxychloroquine is derived from.

Methylene Blue has a somewhat unique ability to absorb light energy and can be combined with light therapy/ PhotoBioModulation such as TheraLumen.

Use with Caution if taking SSRIs as it will increase serotonin levels.

Potential Benefits & Uses*:

  • Boost Mitochondria/Energy, Oxygen & glucose utilization 
  • Boosts Brain, Cognition, Mood & Focus 
  • Increases NAD/NADH ratio 
  • Great Pain Reliever 
  • Potent Anti-Oxidant 
  • Inhibits Prolactin & Estrogen 
  • Increases Thyroid hormone 
  • Increases Testosterone 
  • Anti-Virus, Bacteria, Fungal, & Malarial
  • Chemical Poisoning Antidote

Suggested use based on the research: A full therapeutic dose is considered to be between 0.5mg to 4mg per Kg of body weight. Dosing can be done twice a day if desired. Theoretically, benefits can occur with much smaller amounts as well, due to its unique ability to enhance &/or replace the cytochrome enzymes in the Electron Transport Chain. One drop is 0.5mg. 

Therapeutic doses are considered to range from 0.5mg-4mg per Kg of body weight although there are benefits at much lower dosages as well. Methylene Blue goes to tissues where the ETC is not functioning properly and essentially completes the electron transport component by compensating for the dysfunctional cytochrome enzymes. The belief is that this helps to restore the function of the cytochrome enzymes provided the damage has not been too great and there are no significant nutritional deficiencies.

Methylene Blue's MANY Documented Functions

Whole Body (aka Systemic) Effects:

* Metabolism & Energy! Mitochondria are subcellular organelles that produce 95+% of the body's energy needs. Methylene Blue works at the final stage of the mitochondrial energy production pathway known as the ETC (electron transport chain). This mitochondrial energy, in the form of ATP, is what powers pretty much everything else. This includes the synthesis of Proteins, DNA, RNA, Enzymes, & ALL other cellular products.
* Chronic Disease Treatment: It has been well-established that damaged mitochondria are the root cause of virtually all chronic degenerative diseases.
* Antidote for Multiple Poisonous Substances like cyanide and carbon monoxide.
* Healing & Repair: Energy if vital to heal, repair, replace, and regenerate cells, tissues, and organs.
* Pain Relief: Methylene Blue has been used successfully to treat pain since the 1890s!
* Additional Roles: Boosts NAD to NADH ratio, Antioxidant Functions, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Parasite, Anti-Tumor Effects, Supports Immune System Functions, and it was the first, and still most effective, treatment for Malaria. Methylene Blue has also been successfully used to treat anaphylaxis, septic shock, Kaposi's sarcoma, West Nile Virus, and Staph aureus, and others. Bio-oxidative medical effects via its ability to absorb light energy. Methylene Blue used in combination with red light therapy can provide a more potent anti-microbial effect.

Brain & Nervous System:

Methylene Blue increases the release of neurotransmitters, reduces amyloid beta levels (a hallmark of Alzheimer's), and increases cholinergic transmission.

Used to treat &/or may help with psychosis, bipolar disorders, anxiety, de- pression, dementia, Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, and a variety of degenerative neurological conditions including Parkinson's Disease. Well documented for cognitive enhancement; used extensively as a Nootropic.


Methylene Blue increases thyroid hormone production and lowers TSH.
Heart & Circulation: Methylene Blue has been shown to enhance heart health. Oxygen delivery is one of the most important roles that the blood performs. Methylene Blue enhances hemoglobin's ability to carry oxygen which leads to increased oxygen consumption by the mitochondria and therefore ATP production. It also increases glucose consumption since better oxygenated cells burn more fuel more efficiently.

Bladder & Kidneys:

Methylene Blue was successfully used to treat a variety of urinary tract infections for decades prior to the discovery of antibiotics. Once antibiotics were in production and Big Pharma began to flex its marketing muscles, Methylene Blue and many other 'off-patent', and therefore less profitable interventions were left behind.

Ovaries & Testes:

Modulates estrogen & prolactin while enhancing testosterone levels. Both are particularly beneficial as we age.


The largest organ system in the body and where most of our mito- chondria are located. Maintaining proper muscle mass is a key to longevity. Methmoglobinemia (associated with the blood): this is damaged hemoglobin that becomes oxidized and unable to carry oxygen. There are many different causes of methmoglobinemia. Methylene Blue is able to fix it and has been used as the primary medical intervention for this condition for decades.


Methylene Blue is not a nutrient so there is no such thing as a deficiency, however, Methylene Blue, AKA 'The Magic Bullet' seems to go where it is needed to help restore proper functioning of the Mitochondria's Electron Transport Chain.


Methylene Blue is EVEN more effective when used in combination with TheraLumen - Red Light Activation!

Recent research has shown that methylene blue may be neuroprotective against several cytotoxicity related diseases such as stroke and Parkinson's disease to include High blood pressure as well. Methylene blue is an electron carrier, which allows it to function against malaria and methemoglobinemia, and is highly beneficial in cytotoxic situations in the brain as in cardiac tissue, it encourages cellular oxygen consumption and decreases anaerobic glycolysis.

These benefits are highly relevant to conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and stroke. Direct comparisons to antipsychotic drugs, such as phenothiazine, showed that methylene blue has similar neuroprotective effects, but a different mechanism.

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