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Ozonated Activated Charcoal

Ozonated Activated Charcoal

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Detoxification and Digestive Health

For anyone who wants to improve digestion, reduce toxic overload, and support overall health.

Take the benefits of activated charcoal to the next level with the power of ozone! Ozonating activated charcoal greatly enhances its surface chemistry, making it 10X more effective at absorbing toxins. This can make it even more powerful at absorbing substances that produce gas to help keep your gut healthy and improve digestion.  Plus, ozonated activated charcoal helps trap toxins to stop absorption into the body, while supporting healthy cholesterol levels and kidney function.

Uniquely Made Unlock a New Level of Health with Activated Charcoal 10X More Effective

Unlike traditional activated charcoal, our formula puts the power of ozone to work to enhance effectiveness by 10X. Ozone dramatically alters the carbon in the charcoal, making it 10X more absorbent, so that it can bind to and sweep toxins and their negative health effects out of your body.

Digestive Health

Ozonated Activated Charcoal binds to irritating substances from the food you eat that lead to gas, discomfort and bloating to better support your gut health. By trapping gases with its negatively charged porous texture, it helps alleviate flatulence and ease gut issues.


As toxins from liquids or gases pass through the Ozonated Activated Charcoal, they become bound to the carbon in its surface, keeping them from being absorbed into your body to stop the damage they cause.

Total Body Wellness

Ozonated Activated Charcoal can help reduce waste your kidneys have to filter to support kidney function. Plus, by binding to cholesterol and cholesterol-containing bile acids in your gut, the charcoal also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

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