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Nature's Fusion



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Twelve citrus oils brighten the gloomiest day. Citrus with a touch of vanilla.

Common Uses Diffuse, rub into hands, and breathe deep. Smell directly from the bottle.


D-limonene, the primary ingredient in citrus oils, may have the ability to help people be more kind and honest when diffused in sub-olfactory levels (see The Smell of Virtue, Liljenquist, BYU). Citrus Dreams smells somewhat like an orange creamsicle, or orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream mixed together. Neroli, one of the ingredients in Citrus Dreams, is a citrus oil - but unlike most citrus oils, it does not come from the fruit of a tree: it comes from the blossoms of the orange tree. Most citrus oils are cold-pressed from the peel of fruit, instead of being steam-distilled. Citrus oils will dissipate immediately without a base note to keep them together. This blend is made completely of citrus oils with a touch of vanilla, which is a base.

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