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Mother Earth Labs

Fulvic Detox

Fulvic Detox

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Highly purified Fulvic Acid with 90% more open and free binding sites to capture toxins for easy removal from the body. Beautify at the cellular level and let yourself shine!

  • Fulvic molecules help recharge cellular membranes and mitochondria. Having an optimal electric charge allows cells to effectively absorb nutrients, expel toxins, and produce energy.
  • Fulvic Detox molecules have up to 90% more open and free binding sites compared to standard fulvic acid giving them the opportunity to bind with more toxins before they can be absorbed (or reabsorbed) into cells.
  • Fulvic has naturally high antioxidant activity. Antioxidants help neutralize free radical to minimize the cellular damage and inflammation they can cause.

Mother Earth Labs’ Fulvic Detox provides gentle cellular detoxification support. When used topically, Fulvic Detox helps soothe irritated skin, acne, and more.

Benefits of Fulvic Detox

Detoxification is a buzzword in the natural health world, but detox support supplements are typically misunderstood, uncomfortable, and often ineffective. 

Our bodies have amazing natural detoxification abilities, and when functioning at optimal health, they can effectively remove everything from normal biological waste byproducts to environmental toxins such as glyphosate and heavy metals. Unfortunately, our exposure to these toxins — in combination with various other health challenges — can cause our detoxification pathways to become compromised and bogged down. 

A Powerful And Unique Solution

Fulvic acid is well known for its ability to support cellular detoxification.

When you take Fulvic Detox from Mother Earth Labs, you’re getting more than a standard fulvic acid supplement. We’ve put our fulvic acid through an additional processing step that frees up more binding sites to help fulvic molecules better support detox. When used with a clean, balanced diet, Fulvic Detox helps support normal detoxification pathways.

For Cellular Detoxification

For optimal results, this product should be taken 1 hour before or 3 hours after meals, medications, or other supplements. Follow with plenty of pure water throughout the day to help support your body’s organs, circulatory system and lymphatic system. It is also recommended to take one of our daily nutritional products such as Comprehensive Core starting after the initial phase of a Fulvic Detox, in order to ensure an adequate intake of essential nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes.

For Topical Application

When used topically, our Fulvic Detox helps keep pores and skin cells clean making it an excellent cosmetic toner. Randomized, double-blind, controlled studies have shown some relief for individuals with eczema and other skin problems. 

Whether you put Fulvic Detox in an atomizer or use organic cotton balls, application is a breeze. Just apply to clean, dry skin and avoid mixing with medicated creams, synthetic chemicals, and alcohols. Medicated creams can be used once Fulvic Detox has air dried, but we always recommend avoiding synthetic chemicals often found in lotions, creams, and other beauty products. For moisturization, organic skin oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, and coconut are fantastic compliments to Fulvic Detox.

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