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Blunt Wrap

The Original Blunt Wrap Hemp Wraps (Chocolate)

The Original Blunt Wrap Hemp Wraps (Chocolate)

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Enjoy the smooth, natural flavor of organic, GMO-free wraps! .

Contains NO TOBACCO - NO NICOTINE - BETTER EXPERIENCE: Wrap your herb even better with our premium Flavored Hemp Wraps!

These Original Hemp Blunt Wraps ares mooth durable so you can enjoy a slow burn and unique experience.

IDEAL SIZE: Each Hemp wrap is perfectly sized and is perfect for your everyday rolls.

EASY TO ROLL:The original hemp Wraps  provide a perfect seal for every roll with the perferaited edge & perfectly flavored!!

GREAT VALUE PACK at 14.92 The box includes 15 packs with 4 wraps 4 tips each That means that you get a total of 60 wraps per box

The original hemp Wrap packs are compact, lightweight, and very easy to fit in your pocket., also they are resealable for freshness.


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