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Incense Burner - Tower Incense Burner - Genie Jali (10.5"x3"x3)

Incense Burner - Tower Incense Burner - Genie Jali (10.5"x3"x3)

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Soapstone Tower Incense Burner is    an original artisan work, and traditional decorative art piece. Its ornamental patterns were meticulously cut and carved into the soft stone by skillful artisans who mastered this art through family heritage. The cut patterns allow the incense smoke to go out from within the burner and spread gracefully throughout the environment.


This soapstone tower incense burner can be used for stick incense. The incense holding fixture is at the lid of the bottle-shaped burner, holding the stick-incense in inverted position, for faster burn, and intensified smoke display.


How to use:

Remove the lid, Tuck the stick-incense into the center of the cork at the lid, and insert into the bottle with the burning tip downward, until the lid covers the mouth of the bottle.


SKU: 701-16
UPC: 8-09581-70116-6
Contains: One burner
LXWXH: 10”X3”X3”
Weight: 1.8 lb
Made in India
Return Policy: Fully refundable


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