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Rosewood Om Necklace

Rosewood Om Necklace

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‘Om’ is a mystic syllable, a sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It is the primordial sound from which everything emerges and is manifested, and a symbol of pure consciousness.

"This world is Oṁ. Oṁ is the past, present and future and simultaneously transcendental to these.”  ~ Māṇḍūkyopaniṣad.


1” (2.5 cm) OM pendant carved in rosewood, hung on 22” (56 cm) long necklace strung with 3 mm rosewood beads. The product includes a small faux suede draw-string pouch, suits to keep it protected while not worn. Packaged in a clear pillow box with small explanation card, makes the item a thoughtful gift to someone dear.



SKU: 801-43
Necklace Length: 22"; pendant size: 1"x1"
Necklace weight: 0.247 oz (7g)
Product size: 5”x3”x1”
Weight with packaging: 0.74 oz (21g)
Country of Origin: India
Return Policy: This product is fully refundable.



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